The ITF 2014 will be held November 7-10 at Taipei World Trade Center, Halls 1 and 3
Registration for exhibitors opens on March 1 on the official ITF website

The most popular travel fair in the Asia-Pacific region and Taiwan’s largest travel product exhibition and sales fair, the Taipei International Travel Fair (Taipei ITF 2014), will be held from November 7 to 10 at TWTC’s Hall 1, area H on the 2nd floor of Hall 1, and Hall 3. Successful media promotion and event planning allowed the ITF 2013 to attract over 315,000 visitors over its four days and transactions totaled over NT$1.5 billion; ITF 2013 also featured in more than 3,000 media reports in Taiwan and overseas, creating more business opportunities for exhibitors.

With the aims of widening the international vision of the tourism industry and building a high-quality exchange platform, exhibitors are strictly vetted by the ITF’s organizers before the fair is held and product/service quality is followed up after it ends. Over 28 years, the objective has remained the same: bringing the world to Taiwan and taking Taiwan to the world. During the ITF, visitors are provided with the latest travel information, given a taste of exotic culture, and they can take advantage of accommodation and food discounts and other special offers. People who love to travel can collect all the latest information about domestic and overseas travel they need to allow them to arrange a full year’s leisure activities and vacations.

Taiwan has rich travel resources and its people love to travel. Taiwan Tourism Bureau, MOTC, figures show that in 2013 around 10 million Taiwanese people traveled overseas. The high quality and spending power of these Taiwanese tourists has made Taiwan a tourist export market that importance is attached to internationally. Every year, more than 60 countries take part in the ITF, effectively raising their international profile and attracting visitors, making the ITF a major annual exhibition that cannot be missed by domestic and overseas tourism industry operators.

Online registration for ITF 2014 will open on March 1. Tourism-related units in Taiwan and overseas are welcome to register. Registration opens on March 1 and can only be done online through the official website (

To allow a high-quality exhibition platform to be provided, when registering exhibitors are required to provide the following documents for preliminary examination. This year, registration will be paper-free so we can help protect the environment and love the earth together.

Please go to the official ITF website → click on online registration → fill in the registration form → scan the documents to be examined → upload the documents → registration completed.

Required Attachments
1. Company registration or business registration certificates
※ Please go to Commercial and Industrial Registration Information Enquiry on the MOEA’s Commerce and Industrial Services Portal → download your unit’s (company or business) registration information; website

2. Legal registration documents
(1) Travel business operators, tourist hotel, and tourist amusement business operators should provide a license issued by the competent agency.
(2) Hotel and homestay operators should provide a registration certificate issued by the local government.
※ Taiwan Visitors Association donors (members) are exempt from the requirement to provide the above certificates.

3. Standard contract-related certificates
(1) Product (service) gift vouchers (such as accommodation, hot spring, and meal vouchers) should meet the regulations of the competent agency for each industry with regards to notices to be noted and not be noted bystandard contracts, and a photocopy should be provided of the standard contract when registering.
(2) In accordance with the gift voucher regulations announced by the MOTC, tourist hotel, hotel, and home stay gift voucher issuers must be the actual party that will provide the product (service) to avoid the difference in issuer and provider increasing the uncertainty of risk evaluation and giving rise to disputes. Also, if operators entrust a third party with the sale of gift vouchers, the name and time period of entrustment (tourist hotels also need to state the approval number given by the industry competent agency) should be stated on the voucher to protect the rights and interests of the consumer.

Organizer: Taipei Visitors Association
Taipei ITF Organizing Committee
Tel: +886-2-2597-9691
Fax: +886-2-2597-5836


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